WV House Passes Occupational Safety and Health Administration Bill

PHOTO: West Virginia Legislature
PHOTO: West Virginia Legislature

The House convened today to pass 11 bills, six of which completed legislative action.

In an effort to improve safety at construction sites, the House passed Senate Bill 376, which would require workers on public improvement work sites to complete an Occupational Safety and Health Administration-approved ten hour construction safety program. Senate Bill 397 would expand the scope of activities considered to be financial exploitation toward the elderly, a protected person or an incapacitated adult.

Senate Bill 387, which clarifies that duly authorized officers from the District of Columbia or other states have legal custody of their prisoners when traveling through West Virginia, completed legislation. Senate Bill 558 completed legislation as well, which would find and declare a moral obligation to pay the listed claims against state agencies with public moneys. Senate Bill 602 would require health care providers to wear identification badges when providing direct patient care. These bills now await the Governor’s signature.

There were 28 bills on second reading, including Senate Bill 252, which would allow certain expelled students to return to school through the Juvenile Drug Court, and House Bill 4015, the budget bill. There were 41 bills on first reading.

A citation was presented to recognize the Moorefield ten and 11 year old softball team.

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