Appalachian Magazine Spring 2014: “The Ghosts of Mingo County”


pg 14The first edition of the Appalachian Magazine is now available for purchase.

The Spring 2014 edition is a +70-page advertisement-free publication, featuring Mingo County, West Virginia, “America’s bloodiest county.”

Beginning with the county’s formation, as a result of an illegal liquor still, Jeremy T.K. Farley sets out telling Bloody Mingo’s story; including events such as the Mingo Mine Wars, Matewan Massacre, murder of Sid Hatfield, Dingess Tunnel, Kermit Mine Explosion of 1951, Marshall University Plane Crash, community of Vulcan’s application for Soviet Aid, Kermit arrests of 1986, Sheriff Eugene Crum’s assassination and so much more!

In this book, you will find that the story of Mingo County isn’t always a pretty story. Neither is it a story the average reader is capable of stomaching, but it is a true story and it is a story worthy of being told.  A true story of a place whose halls of history are littered with dead bodies, marred by greed and haunted by ghosts that just won’t die.

The publication is available for $12.99.  Click here to order!

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