Police Involved in Shooting in Mingo County, One Dead


untitledDingess, West Virginia (WV STATE POLICE) – On Sunday, August 24, 2014, at approximately 5:35 p.m., members of the Williamson Detachment of the West Virginia State Police responded to a 911 complaint of single vehicle crash on Moses Fork Road.

Witnesses at the scene advised that three people had been in the vehicle at the time of the crash.  They provided a description of a male driver along with two passengers, being a female and a toddler.  Witnesses also advised that the driver exited the vehicle and discharged a round from a handgun into the air.

The troopers learned that the driver of the vehicle was Randy A. Matheny, 31, of East Fork Twelve Pole, in Dingess, West Virginia.  The other occupants of the vehicle were his wife and child.  All three were given a ride from the scene by another motorist, who was later identified as a family member.

The family member dropped Mr. Matheny and the child off at their residence on East Fork Twelve Pole, and then dropped the wife off at Logan Regional Hospital.

The troopers responded to the residence and noticed that the front door was open.  As they approached the door, they noticed a shotgun and ammunition on the porch.

Mr. Matheny was found standing in the living room just beyond the open door in possession of a handgun.  The troopers gave instructions to drop the handgun; however, Mr. Matheny refused to do so and then raised the handgun in a threatening manner toward the troopers.  Three troopers responded to the immediate threat to officer safety and discharged their weapons.  Mr. Matheny died as a result of the wounds he received.

During the course of the follow up investigation, troopers discovered additional firearms inside the residence.  The child was found unharmed with a family member a few hours later.

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