VIDEO: Drive across the entire State of West Virginia [Morgantown to Williamson] — Time lapse


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NOTE: We’ve received a lot of “Uhh.. shouldn’t you have driven from Wheeling to Bluefield?” remarks.  First of all, for those “geographic experts” out there, Wheeling is not West Virginia’s northernmost city, that title belongs to Chester, West Virginia, more than an hour NORTH of Wheeling.  Also, Bluefield isn’t even in West Virginia’s southernmost county.  Just enjoy the video and quit being so uptight!  

We set out early one morning and drove across the entire State of West Virginia.  Beginning at “The Coliseum” in Morgantown, West Virginia, we headed south on I-79 until reaching Charleston, where we grabbed U.S. – 119 and rode it into Williamson.  Watch our entire journey from one end of the Mountain State to the complete other:

(For best results, click on the settings icon and select 1080 HD under the quality tab)


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    • It looks like just two. I’m assuming they took 119 to 52 and into Williamson. Tug Fork divides Kentucky and WV from the 119-52 intersection down to Williamson. (Source: Google Maps)

    • You think very many people will be interested in watching a 4-hour video of someone driving from Morgantown to Williamson? I would imagine if most have that kind of time, they would probably just assume make the trip themselves!

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