AUDIT: West Va. Public University Purchased “Condoms, K-Y Jelly, Vital Erotic Shots”


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Pencils, check.  Computers, check. Condoms, K-Y Jelly and ‘vital erotic shots’ (whatever the heck those are), check.  So reads the receipt of one public university in West Virginia.

According to an October 18, 2015, letter addressed to the President of the West Virginia Senate and Speaker of the House of Delegates from Denny Rhodes, Director of West Virginia’s Legislative Post Audit Division, employees at Shepherd University appeared to be making “improper expenditures” dating back to 2012.

In the letter, Rhodes stated that once university officials became aware of the supposed infractions, the State Auditor’s Office was contacted.

Despite their candor with state auditors, university leaders were not capable of saving the 143-year-old college from a considerable level of embarrassment, as receipts have since been made public and reveal a plethora of make your grandma blush–type of purchases.

A sales receipt dated December 4, 2012, from the Shepherdstown Rite Aid revealed the purchase of 72 condoms, among various other sexual enhancement materials — including two “VITAL EROTIC SHOTS,” which, fortunately for the tax payers of the Mountain State, was on sale that day, $3.09 each… regular retail price was $3.59!

Other expenses labeled “extravagant, unallowable, and personal use,” by the auditor included meals, “one specific employee purchased over $1,000 in meals… meals for athletics were purchased on p-cards for amounts averaging as much as $48.00 per meal.”

Additional purchases include $95 for a sterling silver covered platter which was purchased for “music, opera: props,” a rental car (used for 1.5 months), costing $1,150.94 (even though state cars were available), a wine tasting and tour, and shuttle service from All Star Limousine to and from Dulles airport.

In conclusion, Rhodes writes “steps need to be taken to ensure the established ‘internal controls and accounting procedures’ requested by the SAO to bring Shepherd ‘into compliance with the State Auditor’s Office Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures” are being followed effectively or all p-card privileges for Shepherd and its employees should be revoked…”

Shepherd University was founded by the Legislature of West Virginia on February 27, 1872.

Dr. Suzanne Shipley who was serving as the fifteenth president of the Eastern Panhandle university during the time of the alleged incidences stepped  down from her post at the college earlier this year in order to become the president at Midwestern State University.

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