Colorado Official Unaware “West Virginia” was a State


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DENVER, Col. — Stephanie Johnson recently moved more than 1,500 miles across the nation, trading in the Mountain State for the mile-high community of Golden, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

A native of Logan County, West Virginia, Johnson has spent the past twenty-years living in Lewisburg, however, a yearning to find greater economic opportunities recently sent her west.

Upon arriving in Colorado, the young woman went to work becoming a legal resident of the 104,000 – square mile state.

One requirement of this move was to have her vehicle tested by Colorado Air Care officials, in order to ensure the car was in compliance with the state’s environmental standards.

Johnson says that as she arrived at the location for her vehicle to be checked, the Colorado Air Care employee came out to her car and began staring intently at her West Virginia license plate.

“So, you’re from Virginia,” he asked.

“No, West Virginia is its own state,” she answered.

“And it isn’t in Alaska,” the gentleman replied.

“By this point I have lost all faith in the public education system or at least the one in which he attended,” Johnson jokes.

“No, how could it possibly be in Alaska? It’s one of the 50 states!” she answered again.

“I’m not sure we even have this state in our database,” retorted the guy responsible for saving the planet.

Fortunately for the former resident of Greenbrier County, the State of Colorado did have West Virginia in their database of states… Whew, that girl dodged a bullet!

When asked how she felt after coming to the realization that the guy had no clue West Virginia was even a state, Johnson told Appalachian Magazine, “I was immediately disappointed…  West Virginia has so much to offer the nation in terms of culture and natural beauty.”

“I also had to wonder how this wasn’t covered with more rigor in the school he attended. We have a lot of obstacles we are encountering as a nation, and I believe it’s important to be aware and informed… If people don’t know that West Virginia is a state, how can we as a nation begin to combat the poverty that has plagued Appalachia for over a century with a lot of that being concentrated in West Virginia?”

The bottom line is that Colorado’s newest resident is urging all American parents to teach their children “ALL 50 states, so they don’t look like this moron when someone rolls up with WEST Virginia tags!”

On a lighter note, Johnson said that one of her goals in moving to Colorado was so that she could  “learn more about the policies that were shaping the progress, in hopes of one day bringing that knowledge back to my home.”

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  1. I went to Buffalo Elementary School and Man Junior High School in Logan County West Virginia. They taught us the states, each capital and the counties of West Virginia. What are the schools teaching the students today is a mystery.

  2. This is nothing new. I was once in Virginia and went to return a bike helmet to Walmart. Because I did not have a receipt, I was asked to provide my driver’s license. The woman looked at my WV driver license and said to a co-worker ” I did not know the Driver’s licenses in the west part of the state look different” …the co-worker told her that she was surprised to know that too.

  3. When the Olympics were held in Atlanta, a guy in Albuquerque requested tickets for the various events. The clerk on the other end of the line told him he’d have to go thru his embassy. When he told him he was in NEW Mexico, the clerk continued to inform him that only his embassy could issue tickets. The guy then asked to speak to a supervisor, who replied that the clerk was right!

  4. My friend moved from Utah to NC. She was shopping at Walmart and provided a UT drivers license to cash a check. The clerk said what state is this. Reply…Utah. Clerk… I have to have a state…reply…UTAH. Clerk…I can’t cash your check without a state…..together my friend and I said. ..UTAH IS A STATE. The poor clerk us blank. A manager had to tell her Utah was a state.

  5. When i moved to colorado from West Virginia i went to transfer my CDL driver’s license the lady behind the counter asked me for my INS PAPERWORK thats immigration paperwork i lived in Lewisburg west Virginia most of my life now i live in arvada colorado

  6. I wish our forefathers had more imagination. I would like our state’s name to have been Vandalia, which was actually a proposed colony that included much of what is now West Virginia. Augusta would be a good alternative. Anyone want to sign a petition! LOL

  7. While vacationing in Hawaii I lost my drivers license. I corrected the police officer who took my report that it was West Virginia not Virginia. His response, ” it doesn’t matter if it’s west or east Virginia.”

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