Coming January 2016: Appalachian Magazine Travel Show


Launched in February 2014, Appalachian Magazine now enjoys nearly 15,000 online subscribers and a weekly reach that exceeds 100,000 readers.

Committed to “Telling West Virginia’s Story, Then and Now,” the publication has led the way in propelling West Virginia stories before a national audience. The publication’s online content has been shared by Presidential candidates and internationally recognized media agencies, as well as ordinary people who simply enjoy learning about the Mountain State’s history and heritage.

This week, StatelyTies Media, the parent company of Appalachian Magazine, announced that the media group would be launching an Appalachian Magazine Travel Show in the opening weeks of 2016.

“The show will highlight the region’s most breathtaking landmarks, fascinating stories and interesting people,” said Appalachian Magazine publisher, Jeremy T.K. Farley.

Though the show will focus on areas throughout the Appalachian region, the films will place a specific interest in showcasing Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia.

The show will initially be available to viewers via YouTube, however, the company is in the early stages of securing showings on local and national television channels.

“Once we have the show online, we’ll be able to more accurately gauge public interest in the videos – this will provide us with greater insights as to the direction we should take with the show,” stated Farley.

Planners of the show joke that viewers can expect for the videos to be “like a documentary,” only “not boring!”

Initial films will include the Dingess Tunnel, a nearly-mile long, one-lane abandoned train tunnel that is now open to motor vehicle traffic; Vulcan, West Virginia, The Community That Applied for Soviet Foreign Aid; the New River Gorge Bridge; and the Natural Bridge of Kentucky.

As the show progresses, viewers will be able to submit Appalachian gems to highlight.

“There are so many historical gems and fascinating places in the Mountain State and everywhere else in our region – there’s just no way we’ll ever be able to run out of content,” said the publication’s founder. “We take great pride in our work and can’t wait to share what we’re doing with the public!”

Individuals who are interested in watching the videos this coming January are encouraged to subscribe to the show’s official YouTube channel at the following link:

By subscribing, users will be notified each time a new video is available for viewing.

To kick start the series, Appalachian Magazine has released a movie trailer, highlighting many of the West Virginia stories they plan to feature.

Advertising partnerships remain available for the show — interested parties are encouraged to contact for more information.

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