EF3 Tornado Hits Kentucky

PHOTO Courtesy: Kentucky State Police

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The community of Mayfield, Kentucky,  was slammed Tuesday evening with an EF3 tornado, producing winds in excess of 140 mph.

Destroying several Western Kentucky homes and businesses, the severe tornado is credited with causing millions of dollars in damages and at least ten injuries — fortunately, no fatalities have been reported.

EF3 tornadoes are stronger than approximately 97% of all other American tornadoes and are known to cause severe damage to structures. They have the capability to destroy entire stories of well-constructed houses, as well as cause severe damage to large buildings such as shopping malls, overturn railroad trains and throw heavy cars.

One woman said that a family friend was in a camper when the tornado struck.  According to her, the tornado “picked it up and took him in the air.”

She said that the man is in the hospital, but expected to recover.  Sadly, his beloved dog was not as fortunate.

Steve Thompson captured the tornado and its aftermath on camera:


PHOTO Courtesy: Steve Thompson
PHOTO Courtesy: Steve Thompson
PHOTO Courtesy: Steve Thompson
PHOTO Courtesy: Steve Thompson

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