International Space Station Visible Over West Virginia


International_Space_Station_after_undocking_of_STS-132Stargazers in the Mountain State will have an opportunity to catch an extended glimpse of the International Space Station this coming week as it is slated to orbit directly across the Appalachian Region multiple times beginning in the early morning hours of Thursday, May 26 and will continue to be seen until Memorial Day.

Boasting dimensions of 356 ft. x 239 ft., the six-story high space station is the largest man-made item to ever be placed into orbit and can be seen with the naked eye from the ground.

Traveling at 4.75 miles per second, the 6-person crew orbits the earth every 93 minutes.

The first chance local residents will have to spot the space station will be at 4:50 a.m. on Thursday, May 26.  The space station will be visible for approximately 6 minutes, appearing in the North-northwestern sky and disappearing in the eastern sky.

The table below provides a detailed schedule of the times and dates the International Space Station will be visible to West Virginians:

Date & Time Visibility Appear Disappear
Thu May 26, 4:50 AM 6 min NNW E
Thu May 26, 9:29 PM 4 min S E
Thu May 26, 11:05 PM 6 min WSW NE
Fri May 27, 3:58 AM 5 min NNW ENE
Fri May 27, 5:33 AM 6 min WNW SE
Fri May 27, 10:12 PM 6 min SW NE
Fri May 27, 11:50 PM 4 min NW NNE
Sat May 28, 4:41 AM 6 min NW ESE
Sat May 28, 9:19 PM 6 min SSW ENE
Sat May 28, 10:56 PM 5 min WNW NNE
Sun May 29, 3:48 AM 6 min NW ESE
Sun May 29, 5:25 AM 5 min W SE
Sun May 29, 10:03 PM 6 min W NE
Mon May 30, 2:56 AM 5 min NNW ENE
Mon May 30, 4:32 AM 6 min WNW SSE
Mon May 30, 9:10 PM 6 min WSW NE

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