5 Reasons Why America is Ripe for Revolution

    Photo courtesy: Veggie
    Photo courtesy: Veggie

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    Alright America, in a nation of +318 million residents, you have narrowed your choices for the next leader of the free world down to a 74-year-old open socialist, a billionaire who has poked fun of everyone ranging from abused Vietnam POWs to a reporter with a muscular disorder to menstruating women, and Hillary Clinton… One of the most polarizing figures in American political  history.

    Were it not so frightening, it would almost be laughable that the majority of the citizens of this once proud and powerful nation believe these are our three best options.

    Even more alarming, however, is the fact that the circus-cast of characters vying for the White House are a mere symptom to a much larger issue plaguing our land: as a nation, we are ripe for revolution.

    Now let’s be clear, just because a people are ripe for revolution doesn’t mean that a revolution is inevitable or will necessary follow (i.e. 2009 Iranian protests), but it does mean that the delicate balance between the masses of the governed and the fractional minority of those that govern is shaky and should be cause for concern.

    Below are five reasons why America is ripe for revolution in 2016:

    1. There is no trust in this nation…
    Each year, Ford Motor Company finances a report that studies trends for the upcoming year among the American public.  In 2013, the report cited “If trust were bottled as wine, the vintages of recent years would be bitter–and scarce… Scandals in business, politics and religion. Environmental disasters, widening economic disparities and unrest.  The social contract as we know it has been broken; mistrust of corporations, governments and media is rampant.  Weary of misinformation, people are reappraising their relationships with companies and brands…”

    This report was published by some of the best and brightest minds to ever study human behavior and they concluded — three years ago — that there is an overwhelming absence of trust in this nation.

    As we survey the time between this report and today, there are even more reasons to conclude that there is no trust left in America. Regardless of which of the three candidates will eventually become President, they will govern a nation in which the majority of the people simply do not trust them (A DailyCaller.com poll revealed that only 47% of Americans trust Bernie Sanders, 29% trust Donald Trump and a mere 27% of respondents said they trust Hillary Clinton — compared to approximately 56% of Americans who responded that Hillary is a dishonest person).

    As government’s role in our daily lives continues to become more pronounced — whose authority now extends into bathroom stalls and bedrooms — a distrusting public (the majority of which already viewed corporations, most forms of organized religion, and big financial politico backers with a suspecting eye) will gaze even harder at the highest offices in the land.

    The number of people who believe the moon landing was a hoax seems to be growing each day — a segment of the public is becoming so distrusting of their government that for many it is easier to believe in some giant governmental conspiracy than to believe that a madman murdered two journalists with a pistol… even though it occurred live on television.

    When we considers this level of mistrust held by so many, one can’t help but fear where this trend will end.

    2. There is no unity in this nation…
    Tell me what you do for a living, where you live, your religion and gender / race and I will tell you who you voted for in the last three presidential elections… with incredible accuracy.  Why?  Because we have become so polarized as a nation that there is absolutely no wiggle room when it comes to politics.  Society has told you that you fall into a certain demographic voting bloc and you have blindly followed… and so have I!

    When I was a kid, hardly any vehicle on the roads were sporting any type of sticker.  Today, almost every vehicle has some sort of personalization, whether it’s the silhouette of a giant coal miner or line worker or an “I love my dog” sticker, we want everyone to know the niche to which we identify.  Even more than this, nearly every vehicle has something proclaiming the specific “tribe” to which we belong, whether it’s the Baptists, LGBT community, Second Amendment, III%, Tea Party, environmental conservationists, or dozens of other tribes… everyone has a sticker on their car proclaiming their allegiance to a singular tribe!

    No longer are we capable, as a nation, of having honest and sincere debate — instead, we have become fixated on the idea of silencing anyone with a differing opinion.

    We have somehow reached a place where we view those with opposing political views as an enemy rather than merely as someone who sees things differently.  If a dad opposes a man (with a penis) walking into the bathroom with his daughter, he  is instantly labeled as a “stupid bigot” by the opposition and no longer is he deemed even worthy of conversing with.  If someone says, “You know, I just don’t like the idea of anyone being able to walk into a store and purchase a machine gun right off the shelf,” more often than not, this person is met with a whole host of derogatory labels, including “gun grabber” and “communist.”

    We have lost the ability to sit quietly and simply listen as a country.  Listen to the opposition, weight their points and admit when they have good ideas.  Instead, the left screams “Koch Brothers” every time a “conservative idea” is presented and the right yells out “socialist” each time the left proposes something new.

    Our nation is a collection of 3,007 counties, 50 vastly different states and over 300 million residents.  The only way this grand experiment can possibly work is if we see ourselves and each others as Americans first, and see the political views of others secondly.  Sadly, rather than this becoming a reality, we will continue to hurl insults at each other without taking the time to hear them out – and in the days to come, the disunion that is permeating our nation will only expand – until it reaches a breaking point.  But God help us when we reach this breaking point, because the last time we reached such a breaking point 620,000 lives were extinguished.

    3. There are no statesmen in this nation…
    Once upon a time, our nation was governed by true statesmen – individuals who gave up their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor simply for the good of their country.  They were hardly perfect men, but they were consumed with an overwhelming love for country.

    Two centuries later, I just don’t see very many — if any — of these individuals serving in any branch of the Federal government.

    Maybe this goes back to the distrust mentioned in point #1, but I simply don’t trust any politician on the national level — there’s too much money at stake and too many opportunities for corruption.

    A true statesmen is one who puts nation ahead of self – one who seeks to unite a people rather than drive a wedge between them — and today, there are no true statesmen.  The Democratic Party is not interested in uniting the nation and neither are their Republican counterparts.

    There is no one serving in our government who has the fortitude to stand up and say, “No, that is an overreach of our Constitutionally defined powers; No, we can’t afford to participate in this foreign civil war; No, we can’t afford to continue with this entitlement benefit…”

    Our annual national budget has not been balanced in over a generation and the national debt is near $20 million.  That’s real money that we owe and that will eventually need to be paid for — unfortunately, it will be collected on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

    All of our politicians know that we are on an unsustainable path, yet no one has the nerve to say “No”  to the insanity of their own party.

    Our present course will not and can not continue forever and when it falls, great will be its collapse.

    4. There is no commonsense in this nation…
    Each day, I find myself deleting dozens of “friends” due to the fact that I simply can’t handle any more of their unbearable political status updates, memes, and links to websites ending in domain suffixes I never even knew existed!

    These posts can range from crappy Photoshops of President Obama choking a newborn infant to insane memes about some Republican that is in no way based on anything factual. Still yet, all of these posts (from both sides) have thousands of shares and tens of thousands of “likes.” I would have hoped by 2016, we would be past the point of confusing The Onion for a real and credible news site, unfortunately, this is not the case!

    For a nation whose very survival is dependent upon the wisdom of its people to choose among themselves leaders capable of protecting liberty, navigating the tangled web of post-9/11 geopolitics and somehow devising a plan to save our children from unimaginable poverty once it all does actually hit the fan, the reality of where we are as a people is terrifying to me beyond all words.

    Yes, ISIS shooting and decapitating everyone in their path is certainly a problem that must be dealt with appropriately. Yes, the price of a college education in this country is something of which we should all be ashamed … but above every other issue, the greatest threat to America’s national security and future is the ignorance of her own people.

    In 2011, NEWSEEK asked 1,000 U.S. citizens to take America’s official citizenship test. The results were anything but laughable: 29% couldn’t name the vice president, three out of four people had no idea why we fought the Cold War, almost half of the people were unable to define the Bill of Rights and 6% of respondents couldn’t even circle Independence Day on a calendar.

    America is a Democratic–Republic, which means that voters play a significant role in selecting national leaders and dictating policy.  As we continue to “Rock the Vote” and “get souls to the polls”, we will only compound the problem; bringing fresh waves of low information voters.

    5. There is no justice in this nation…
    Just about every governmental revolution follows years of injustice from the government and in the United States, injustice is taking place all around us.  Politicians never seem to go to prison for unspeakably terrible crimes, while at the same time, this country has more jails than colleges, housing a countless number of ordinary citizens.

    As the #BlackLivesMatter, #PoliceLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter movements continue to gain steam (within their particular tribes) each time an innocent officer is murdered in cold blood for no other reason than the uniform he or she wears, each time an unarmed African-American teen is mistakenly killed, each time an angry populace riots, we inch closer to the tipping point.

    At no time in my lifetime, or in the lifetime of anyone living, have we as a nation been as divided as we are today.  At no time in my lifetime have we ever been as distrusting as we presently are — and even more alarming — no time previously has the general electorate ever been so dumb.  No time in recent memory, have the outcomes of elections mattered so much to so many.  All of these realities have joined together to create a perfect storm, making America a land that is ripe for revolution.

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    1. I have a comment for you. Who do you think you are? The common people of this country do not agree at all with the ones that are running for president. All the applause for them is coming from their cronies. All the polls are rigged just like the voting machines are. Our votes do not count or Obama would never have had a second term. The normal people of this country are doing the best they can while the media works overtime to beat them down and brainwash them. A revolution would be nice, but there is no way it can be done nowadays. We can’t vote them out, we can’t shoot them out. There are police on every corner. Nobody is going to want to die to free this country.

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