Election 2016: How Both Parties Got Stuck With Candidates They Hate

Hillary Clinton Photo: Public Domain Donald Trump Photo: Courtesy of Gage Skidmore
Hillary Clinton Photo: Public Domain
Donald Trump Photo: Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

The 2016 American Presidential Election has, without a doubt, proven to be one of the oddest elections in recent American history – and we’re only in the summer.

On one side of the political spectrum is a candidate who, like a bad rash, just won’t go away… even after a quarter-century of antibiotics in the form of more scandals than you can shake a stick at.

Last summer, a Quinnipiac poll asked more than 1,500 registered voters to say the “first word” that came to their mind when they heard her name – the two most common words were “liar” and “dishonest”.  This shouldn’t be surprising, as even her most ardent supporters have trouble denying the reality that there is an undeniable disingenuous perceived tone in her  voice each time she mounts a microphone – if only she had 1% of the charisma her husband enjoys.

Her opponent…  Words like “crazy”, “obnoxious” and “dangerous” have all been used to describe this guy – and those critiques have come from members of his own party.  But considering the fact that this man has made fun of reporters with physical handicaps, stated that he’d probably be dating his daughter if they weren’t related, joked about women’s menstrual cycles while on the campaign trail, and accused a GOP contender’s father in having a hand in killing JFK, perhaps his foes are on to something.  Not to mention the fact that he tweeted a picture of his wife and one of his Republican opponent’s wife side by side – reducing the GOP nomination to a contest of who has the prettiest wife… and biggest hands.

In the end, we’re stuck with two candidates to choose from that frankly, aren’t very good… regardless of one’s political ideologies.

These findings are backed up by a DailyCaller.com poll that revealed only 29% of the American public trust Donald Trump and a mere 27% of respondents said they trust Hillary Clinton — compared to approximately 56% of Americans who responded that Hillary is a dishonest person.

The thing I’m hearing from most of my friends is something along these lines — I’m going to vote for candidate X, because at least he / she isn’t candidate Y…  In a nation of 318-million people, wouldn’t you agree that this is a sad commentary of our system.  We’ve narrowed our choices down to two individuals whom only 1-out-of-4 blind political sheep trust even one.

But how?  How did a Democratic-Republic such as ours reach the place where we have hand chosen candidates even the most partisan members of their respective parties despise?

How Did Democrats Get Hillary?
Democrats derived their name from the root word “democracy,” meaning rule by the people.  Unfortunately, for Dems in 2016, when it comes to choosing a nominee, their party is the least Democratic of all.  It’s ruled by the people, just not the common person – it’s ruled by the top 1% its members so feverishly despise.

That’s thanks to the fact that unlike their Republican counterparts, the Democratic Party selected 716 individuals from the party’s elite establishment to serve as “super delegates” — effectively giving one large financial contributor to the party (a superdelegate) the same voting power as 25,897,047 “pee-on voters” who participated in the primaries and caucuses… You can check my math, but I’m right (716 super delegates; 4,051 total delegates; 218.959 million total number of Americans registered to vote)!

Though millions of Bernie supporters have cried this week, realizing their dream of a socialist Utopia and the hundreds of hours they invested into the campaign of a 74-year-old boy from Brooklyn was all for naught,  the truth is this — any logical thinking person knew this election was decided long before the Iowa contest.

When it came to being selected as the Democratic Party’s 2016 nominee, it was all about who you know and when your husband was President, you’ve been First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and you and your husband have a net worth of $111 million dollars… you know a lot of people.

Primary elections are all about momentum and having superdelegate totals plastered onto the daily news provides critical momentum from the outset for a particular candidate — in short, the election was over before it began.

Of course on February 12, 2016, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, assured Democratic voters that the process wasn’t rigged in the least, “Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grass-roots activists… we want to give every opportunity to grass-roots activists and diverse committed Democrats to be able to participate, attend and be a delegate at the convention. And so we separate out those unpledged delegates to make sure that there isn’t competition between them.”

Wait a minute… I forgot to include the word “former” in Schult’z title… now why did she step down again? Oh yea… nevermind!

How Did Republicans Get Trump?
There are a number of things conservatives supposedly despise – the government seizing property through eminent domain in order to hand over to wealthy real estate moguls, individuals who never served in the military making fun of captured POWS, Target’s bathroom policy, rich cats buying liberal politicians for personal gain, and of course Hillary Clinton!

Yet when it comes to the billionaire X 4.5, many in GOP circles are forced to accept a candidate who goes against everything they stand for — throughout his career, Trump has used his influences to help governments seize property that he wants through eminent domain abuse.  Regardless of one’s opinions regarding Sen. McCain, making fun of him for having been a POW – especially from a guy who never a single day in inform is completely unacceptable, yet Donald Trump is guilty, again.

The same summer that saw hundreds of thousands of conservatives boycotting Target for their bathroom policy is also the same summer that saw the Republican Party nominate a candidate who supports the company’s bathroom policy.

Best of all — the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States, the guy taking on Hillary Clinton, just so happens to have been BFFs with the Clinton’s – she even danced at his third wedding… leading some in the party to question whether this guy, in all of his antics, isn’t simply a plant designed to throw the election her way.  Ordinarily this would sound like crazy talk, but in case you haven’t figured this out by now, things are entering insane territory this election year!

But how did the Republicans end up getting a guy whose wife posed nude for Playboy as their nominee?  How did the GOP get a WWE guest-wrestler as the nominee?

The answer to this one is the complete opposite of how the Democrats got Hillary.

While the Democratic party was anything but democratic in their nomination process, the Republican Party has been too welcoming.  The “big tent” philosophy ultimately gave Republicans perhaps the single candidate in the entire nation incapable of beating Hillary.

Fearful that closed primaries (primaries limited to only registered voters of a particular party) would produce hardline candidates that would not fair well in a general election numerous states opted to go to an open primary, where any registered voter could simply appear at the poll and vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

After months of free airtime and more name recognition than Michael Jordan (I actually had to explain to my kids who he was!), Trump got his tail beat in the Iowa caucus a mostly partisan event, filled with voters who have a long history in being active and knowledgeable in political matters.

The next week, however, Trump racked up a win in New Hampshire, where individuals who weren’t registered as Republicans were free to choose a Republican nominee — simply by showing up and requesting a Republican ballot.

The following contest was in South Carolina, an open primary where anyone — even Democrats — could show up and select the GOP’s nominee.  Guess who won this contest.  Yep, Trump.

On Super Tuesday, Cruz won 5 out of 5 contests that were limited to partisan voters, whereas Trump won 7 out of 9 elections that were open to anyone and their uncle (losing Cruz’s home state of Texas and Minnesota).

This trend continued into the early days of March; however, with Trump’s delegate count continuing to grow thanks to so many election wins in open primary states the Cruz campaign fell into state of disarray.

As was stated in the assessment of the Democratic contest – primary elections are all about momentum and when it came to the GOP 2016 contest, the early wins in some open states gave the nutty guy even more free airtime — ultimately giving him even more momentum.

Throughout the primary election, Trump bragged on the extraordinarily high numbers of new voters he was bringing into the Republican Party.  He touted himself as someone who would put places like New York City into play for the GOP and indeed he was successful in garnering new voters in the 2016 Presidential Primary.

According to political analyst Michael Harrington, “Of the 31 million who voted in the Republican Primary 38% approximately were Democrats.”

Though on the surface, this may sound like great news for Republicans; however, conservatives must ask themselves one simple question: “Do we really think allowing 11,780,000 Democrats to choose our candidate is a good idea?”

Can any good possibly come from having the opposing team’s fans select our team’s roster?  This is a question for both Republicans and Democrats.

At their recent convention, Democratic rulers have begun addressing their superdelegate policies – which will only stand to be a good thing for average Joes who want a say in selecting their party’s nominees.

On the other hand, neither party has given much thought to the addressing the insanity of so many states in allowing anybody to simply show up and vote for any party’s nominee.

Democracy is a sacred institution and far too many Americans have given their lives in defense of our nation, therefore, the state governments owe it to the voters (conservatives, liberals and moderates) to require voters wishing to participate in the primary process to identify with a single party early on and make jumping ship to cast a vote for anyone for any reason far more difficult.

Our system isn’t the flawless, but it’s been working for +200 years.  When we’ve noticed something doesn’t work, we’ve taken steps to change it — superdelegates and open primaries simply aren’t working, America.  Surely we can do better than Hillary and Donald, can’t we?

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