I-64 Shut Down in Putnam County, One Confirmed Fatality

I64 wreck
PHOTO courtesy of WVDOT

I64 wreck

A spokesperson for the West Virginia Department of Transportation announced today that a multi-vehicle accident occurred this afternoon on I-64 in Putnam County.

According to WVDOT, the accident involved four semi-trucks and two vehicles and at least one fatality has been confirmed. The accident reportedly began when a westbound vehicle came across the median and struck oncoming vehicles in the eastbound lane.

A box trailer went over the side of a bridge during the accident, while the tractor appears to have made it onto the other side of the highway.  The truck was hauling Reeses Cups and Almond Joys.

The accident resulted in at least one semi-truck catching fire, sadly, the driver of the vehicle was killed.

Presently, all lanes of traffic are shut down on I-64, including both westbound and eastbound lanes.  A WVDOT spokesperson said that it would be “quite a while before we get it opened up — there’s a reconstruction team coming in from Ripley.  They’re going to reconstruct the whole accident…”

Shortly after the WVDOT spokesperson’s announcement, the highway departed released a Tweet, stating, “Crews working to clear 1 WB lane. EB [eastbound] lanes may remain closed for several hours. Avoid the area and expect long delays.”

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