BREAKING: Canada’s Immigration Site Has Crashed

Screenshot of crashed Canadian Immigration website
Screenshot of crashed Canadian Immigration website

No one, absolutely no one… for the most part… believed this morning that Donald Trump would be President.  All national polling, pundits and politicians were signaling that voters should expect to see the first female President by the night’s end.

Turns out, the people in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and dozens of other states scattered coast to coast weren’t willing to witness the Presidency pass from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama to Clinton again.

As it looks, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

With this said, if you believe the countless number of leftists, Hollywood celebrities and #NeverTrumpers who had threatened to move to Canada in the event of a Trump presidency are eating crow right now, think again.

If the Canadian immigration website is any indicator, they’re at least researching how to move forward with their promises — so many individuals are in fact trying to research Canada’s immigration policy via our northern neighbor’s official website that the county’s immigration site has crashed.

Turns out, the government of Canada may soon be considering the notion of building a wall along their southern border!

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