Why Journalism Is Dead in Modern America


hrcIn an era defined by disagreement and disunity in the United States, it’s nice to know that there is one thing Americans can agree upon: Journalism in this country is dead.

Those on the right are quick to point out just how bias MSNBC is, as well as how CNN was in the bag for Team Clinton dating back to the Democratic Primaries.

Meanwhile, liberals have redirected their wrath from conservative talk radio to shady “online news” websites whose domains often end in suffixes of which I’ve never heard.

And you know what?  They’re both right.

CNN supplied secret debate questions to Hillary Clinton not once, but twice.  How on earth can anyone possibly view this as being anything less than a total breach of trust with the American people and a historic shame to the institution of free media?

As for MSNBC, well, I don’t believe they’d be insulted if I said they, uhem, lean “slightly” to the left.

However, to pretend that journalism is dead on only one side of the aisle or on only one platform would be a grave error.  Journalism is dead altogether… on all platforms and on all sides.

As much as CNN is a joke to journalism, even so is Fox News.  Have you ever watched their evening shows?  Hannity?  O’ Reilly?  These guys aren’t journalists, these are political hacks. There isn’t much fairness or balance when it comes to the individuals they interview or the stories they break.

The death of journalism is a troubling reality and poses a far greater threat to our national security than any member of ISIS.  Our government is a Constitutional-Republic and in order for it to work, the citizens must be well informed.  Our founding fathers recognized that in order for the nation’s inhabitants to be well informed, true and honest journalism would be required.  It is for this reason that they actually went so far as to mention the private-industry known as the press in the nation’s Constitution and to offer it the most supreme level of protection: incorporating it into the Bill of Rights.

As honest reporting continues to become a thing of the past, the security of our Republic grows ever the more fragile.

But why?  It seems that in spite of so many being in agreement to the fact that journalism is dead, so few are asking why did it die?

So why did journalism die?  In my opinion, it has nothing to do with the internet killing print or with college campuses becoming bastions of liberalism.

No, journalism is dead because in 2016 America, there simply isn’t a market for true and hard hitting reporting.

Modern day Americans simply don’t like to be told when they’re wrong and they certainly don’t like being told when the political candidate they’re supporting is doing wrong.  Therefore, modern-day Americans have opted to either consume their news from Breitbart and the Drudge Report or from the Huffington Post and the Atlantic.

By doing this, they’re certain to only read articles that confirm that their candidate is the right choice and in fact, the only person capable of saving humanity from the evilness represented in the other side.

On a personal level, I authored an article back during the election, highlighting how the Democratic Party clearly and unquestionably cheated for Hillary over Bernie.  My email’s inbox was immediately flooded with “You’re clearly in the bag for Trump, otherwise you wouldn’t be saying this stuff…” type of comments.

Interestingly, just last week, I published an article pointing out the many inconsistencies between candidate Trump and President-Elect Trump.

As you can imagine, I received several more emails, only this time from the opposing side.  One in particular, stated, “You’ve obviously been in the bag for Hillary all along. Quit being a sore loser.”

Journalism is dead in this country because rather than taking the time to read articles critical of our guy or gal and judge them in an unbiased manner, the vast majority of people are simply upset that a reporter had the nerve to do their job and report the facts.

If there existed a market for honest and sincere journalism, the free-market system we love so dearly would rise to fill this void.  But it hasn’t and it hasn’t because for the most part, Americans simply aren’t interested in this type of news.  There aren’t very many websites who enjoy telling the good, the bad, and the ugly about both sides equally and if there were, chances are you’d probably get mad at them and block their posts from your Facebook newsfeed.

Americans say they want the truth, but in the words of a great movie from years ago, “You can’t handle the truth!”

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  1. I agree with everything you said with one exception. There is a market for real journalism. As soon as I find it, I will support it. Your article is a good first step.

  2. I agree with everything you said also. However there is a hint of defensiveness coming from the Author. I think it is because you are a journalist and that you claim to report honestly. People respond negatively to what you consider to be honest journalism. In my opinion, I believe that the public reading the article is only partially to blame. You say “the vast majority of people are simply upset that a reporter had the nerve to do their job and report the facts.” Do you realize how defensive that sounds?
    You left out a very important question. How did people get to the point that they feel the need to get so defensive about everything they read?
    From my own experience it is because the vast majority of people have been manipulated by the media for so long that no one knows who is telling the truth. Even fact check sites lie. There is propaganda for the counter propaganda. Half the people responding to your articles could be working for the person you are writing about or their rival. They just accuse you of reporting fake news thus planting the idea to everyone else it could be fake. Once your reputation is tainted the news spreads fast. People have the power to discredit you at their fingertips. What a powerful weapon this to have in ones arsenal when it comes to manipulation of readers. So even if you are reporting honestly, whoever you are writing about has a way to discredit your ethics.
    These days people get paid to go onto websites and write fake reviews for products and in the same manner there are people that go around searching google for the right articles so they can troll. Don’t get me wrong, I know that many of the people are just extreme disgruntled political freaks but you can’t just blame the people for whats going on. The media created this problem of mistrust by showing constant bias and people are just fed up. Nothing is believable and everything read is approached with suspicion and scrutiny.

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