Insane Bathroom Fight at Bowl Game; 1-Legged WVU Fan Punched by Miami Fan


Perhaps the most entertaining thing to take place during the 2016 Russell Athletic Bowl Wednesday occurred in the men’s bathroom.

Video, first published by TMZ, shows a WVU fan in what started as a verbal altercation with a Miami fan over use of a urinal.

“I’m gonna take a wiz like everybody else,” stated the Mountaineer fan, who was clad in the team’s uniform.

The Miami fan, who was also wearing his team’s uniform replied back – though it is difficult to hear what it was that he said exactly.

The WVU fan then turns to the Miami fan and threatens to pee on him, to which the Miami fan was not about to have any of, punching the man – who turned out to have only one leg – in the face, before turning to flee the scene.

Unmoved, the WVU fan chases after him and states what appears to be “I used to … guys like you in prison.”

Earlier this week, WVU players and Miami players had to be separated at a charity event after some smack talk got out of hand.

Hmmm… Sounds like just another game between the Hurricanes and Mounties!

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