You could probably break the world’s record for counting to highest number in history…



    Not too long ago, my son asked me a very simple and childish question, “Daddy, what is the highest number anyone has ever counted to?”

    As elementary as his question may have been, I found myself intrigued by the youthful inquiry.  Moments later, I was seated alongside a seven-year-old venturing up guesses as to how high of a number someone has actually sat down and counted.

    “10,000?”  he guessed.

    “Nahh, it’d have to be much higher… maybe 10 million,” I rebutted.

    After several more minutes of debate, I couldn’t help but grab the nearest internet connected device and begin my search for another tidbit of useless information.

    Turns out, my child was considerably closer than I was, beating me by 8,010,000 numbers!

    Furthermore, it turns out that I had severely underestimated how long it must take to count to a million!

    Jeremy Harper, a resident of Birmingham, Alabama, enjoys his place in history (not to mention a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records) for counting to one million.

    Harper began his quest to count to one million on June 18, 2007, and continued counting, 16 hours per day, until he reached 1,000,000 on September 14, 2007.

    During the counting process, Harper did not leave his apartment or shave until he was finished counting to one million. Viewers could watch him count live through a website he set up in order to raise money for his supporting charity, Push America.

    With a sleeping dog lying on the couch beside him and an American flag pinned to the wall in the background, Harper, Wearing a UAB t-shirt, reached one million on the evening of September 14, 2007.

    Below is the video in which he painfully attempts to navigate from 999,989 to 999,990, before reaching the number that is the grandaddy of them all: One million.  Anyone who thinks it’s simple counting this high, should take a moment and see for themselves:

    Harper’s count got him guest appearances on CNN, FoxNews, Cnet, and dozens of local TV and radio shows; ultimately raising $10,000 for charity.

    Here’s a million thanks to you, Alabama for actually taking the time to count to 1,000,000!

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