Michigan Mother Targeted Because She Shares Name With Politician



    Hell hath no fury quite like a roving mob of angry keyboardists thousands of miles away: a reality one Michigan woman has been forced to face this week.

    Michelle Dubois is a Michigan stay at home mother and does graphic design work on the side.  She is a wife, homeschool mom, pet owner and by all accounts a likable person; unfortunately for her, 758 miles to the east, there is another Michelle Dubois, a 43-year-old Democrat serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Tuesday morning, Rep. Dubois garnered national headlines when she tipped off the public that ICE was planning a raid in Brockton, Massachusetts.

    Up to this point, Michigan’s Michelle DuBois had never heard of Massachusetts’ Michelle DuBois, but all of this was about to change.

    “When the first messages came in I was left to put the puzzle together why people were sending me messages that I should go to jail,” stated the Michigan homeschool mother in an interview with Appalachian Magazine.

    Another message stated, “Wait til someone harms a member of your family who’s here illegally and see how it affects your life FOREVER!”

    From there, a steady stream of messages continued to flow into her Facebook account as commenters considered every portion of the Michigan woman’s life to be fair game. Taking jabs that were way too personal.

    Even DuBois’ husband received a comment from a Greensboro, North Carolina, man calling the woman an “ugly witch” and even going so far as to allege that the couple’s children weren’t his… and that was some of the nicer parts of the individual’s comment.

    In an attempt to put an end to the hostile messages, she posted a comment with a link to the Massachusetts lawmaker’s story stating, “This is not me. So the hate mail can stop.
    We don’t even live in the same state people.”

    Sadly, this didn’t help in the slightest bit, as the post received more than 40 comments from people calling her “Anti-American” to more bizarre exchanges such as the one below:

    “But people didn’t read what I wrote, they just yelled at me,” she said.

    Speaking of another commenter, DuBois stated, “I was called a ‘c***’ and that he hoped I was ‘raped by an illegal alien’ and even once the man realized he had the wrong person he still referred to me as a ‘c***’ to my husband.”

    In a last ditch effort, DuBois changed her profile picture, putting her graphic design skills to work:

    Unfortunately, she’s still getting hate messages from time to time, fortunately, the story is dying and the angry mob of Internet users seems to have grabbed their pitchforks and torches and are in the process of moving on to the next victim.

    This past Sunday, the mother, wife and graphic design artist could have never imagined what the coming week would bring.

    “Thankfully, I have a pretty good sense of humor. I have been able to laugh at a number of the comments because people just don’t understand. I know they aren’t actually directed at me. Though some were overboard and I deleted them right away.”

    When you say your prayers this evening, remember a Michigan mother and beg God that you don’t happen to share a name with the next national newsmaker.

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