Shootings in Myrtle Beach Over Weekend Leave Some Tourists Saying “Never Again”



At least three separate shootings were reported to have occurred in the oceanfront tourist community of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, over Father’s Day Weekend, leaving several tourists vowing to never again return to one of the Southeast’s most visited beaches.

The most notable shooting occurred on Ocean Bouleveard in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 19, 2017, as a Bethune, South Carolina, firefighter named Bubba Hinson, live streamed what began as a mob of pedestrians blocking traffic.

“This is why the strip is backed up, everybody, cause they’re out here acting like a bunch of idiots. So I’m live on Facebook,” he announced during the introduction of his social media broadcast.

Moments later, Hinson’s video shows a mob of people seemingly attacking a person, shots are heard fired from the street below.  Below is a condensed version of the video:

The volunteer firefighter’s video received over 2.6 million views in only its first 23 hours.

A reported press release from the Myrtle Beach Police Department states that the alleged shooter fled the scene after carjacking a vehicle.

In total, at least seven individuals have been hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, including the shooter, who was reportedly shot by an armed security officer near the scene.

No officers were shot or injured during the incident, police say.

Witnesses describe the events of Saturday night / Sunday morning as frightening.

One North Carolina woman tweeted, “Not joking when I say I have never felt more threatened in my life than tonight at the strip in myrtle beach…”

In the wake of the Father’s Day Weekend violence that afflicted the city that has marketed itself as being a family-friendly beach getaway, many individuals are saying they now have second thoughts about returning to the South Carolina tourism town.

“This is heartbreaking to watch. I grew up going to Myrtle Beach on weekends from Charlotte. Never expected to see this,” writes another North Carolina woman.

“You’ll never catch me spending my money to stay there,” said Landon Prater.

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  1. Don’t come here. It will force the…ahem…”city leaders”…to finally stop worrying about being politically correct and do something to stop the escalating violence in and around Myrtle Beach. Maybe they should be a little less worried about catching tourists for public intoxication and other victimless crimes, and a lot more worried about the gangs of thugs roaming the boulevard at night.

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