Dear America: Something You Should Know About the Word “an”



    West Virginia born and Appalachian proud, I am the last person you can ever accuse of being a “Grammar Nazi”; however, as an educator, I am beginning to witness an alarming new trend in people regarding their failure to properly spell very simple words.

    Dear America: “An” is not how the word “and” is spelled!  These are two completely separate words with entirely different meanings and purposes.

    Contrary to what your most recent Facebook post declared, you did not just eat a “peanut butter an jelly sandwich”, but rather a “peanut butter AND jelly sandwich.”

    Surely we haven’t become so lazy as a culture that we now don’t take the time to put a “d” on the end of a tiny 3-letter word?!?

    The word “an” is known as an indefinite article and is used to help make the English language flow better… as it is to be used in the place of “a” when the next word begins with a vowel.  Doesn’t “I picked an apple for you.” flow so much better than “I picked a apple for you.”?

    Despite containing only two letters, “an” is actually an incredible little word.  So please, take care of it and don’t go putting in a position where it has no place being… such as where the word “and” should be!

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