Photographer Searching for Couple He Photographed at McAfee Knob


UPDATE: Wednesday afternoon, Will Wright contacted Appalachian Magazine stating that the couple had been found.

Photographer Will Wright was hiking to the top of McAfee Knob in Roanoke County, Virginia, early this past Saturday morning.

Considered one of the most iconic spots on the Appalachian Trail, the ledge stands 3,400 feet above the Catawba Valley and offers a panoramic view to which few places on the planet can compete.

Wright had started his hike around 5 a.m. with the intention of taking pictures of the sunrise from the knob later that morning.

Arriving at the top, the photographer noticed that “the Knob was packed due to fair weather and almost peak fall foliage.”

“I’d say there were about 35 or 40 people up there,” the photographer told Appalachian Magazine.

“As I was taking pictures, the man in the photo asked if I thought people would clear off of the overhang. I chuckled and said, ‘Yeah, good luck with that.’ He replied, ‘Well I have business to do,’ which I thought was odd, but I turned away and continued to take pictures of the sunrise and overhang. A few moments later, he was on one knee. The peak became quiet, then the couple stood up and hugged, which I presume was a good sign, and people starting clapping.

“I was about 30 feet from the couple. Like I said, I was there to take pictures of the sunrise and enjoy the day, so it didn’t cross my mind to say anything to the couple or even look at the pictures and I lost track of them quickly.”

Wright said that it wasn’t until Monday that he discovered he had captured something very special and he is now in a desperate search to find the love birds and provide them with a copy of the magical photograph he captured this past weekend.

If anyone has any information regarding the couple in this photograph they are encouraged to contact Appalachian Magazine by commenting below or by emailing us at

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  1. Two proposals in one day on the Knob then. Congrats to the couple in the photo. My brother-in-law also proposed to his long time girlfriend on Saturday Oct. 21st on the McAfee Knob.

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