BREAKING: Florida Capital City Colder than Alaska’s Capital City



Florida and Alaska.  The mere mention of these two states give off mental images of warm sunshine and frigid Arctic air, respectively.  These presupposed suppositions, however, will be anything but true on the first night of 2018.

As of 5:15 p.m. eastern time, the thermometer at Florida’s Capitol Building in Tallahassee was measuring 41°F, a full eight degrees warmer than its counterpart building in Juneau, Alaska.

However, as the evening progresses for both states, meteorologists are predicting that the two cities will temporarily trade places as the warmer and colder capital cities.

Overnight lows in the Sunshine State’s Capital City are expected to drop to a frigid 23°F as a surge of frigid Arctic air makes its way into the Southland.  Meanwhile, in the Last Frontier, things will warm up to 41°F overnight, with the nighttime low only dropping to 40°F, a full 17 degrees warmer than Florida’s Monday night low.

The disparity in temperatures, however, will not be limited to merely the state’s capitals.

Pensacola, located in Florida’s western Panhandle is expected to see temperatures that bottom out around 26°F as will readings in Panama City.

Unfortunately for snowbirds who charged South for the winter, the lopsided temperatures will continue throughout the entire week, as Tuesday night temperatures in Florida’s Capital City will see a low of 27°F compared to Juneau’s 36°F, Wednesday night’s lows will be 25°F to 35°F, again Florida checking in with the colder reading and on Thursday, thermometers at Florida’s Capitol Building will be a full seven degrees colder over night with a low of 23°F.

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