Thousands Expected to Turnout for Bristol Revival This Coming Week

Revival tent on site in Bristol, Virginia
Revival tent on site in Bristol, Virginia

Written by Jeremy Farley

Dozens of churches from in and around the Tri-Cities have partnered together to host a two-week evangelistic campaign that will be held in Bristol, Virginia, this coming week.

The two-week evangelistic campaign will be held in a large tent under the giant white cross near I-81’s Exit 5 and is expected to draw capacity crowds. The massive tent is capable of seating up to 3,500.

Speaking nightly will be evangelist C.T. Townsend who hosted a similar evangelistic campaign under a tent in Burlington, North Carolina, in the summer of 2016. That meeting saw nearly 5,000 people one night and continued for three months during the sweltering heat of summer.

According to Townsend, more than 1,200 individuals came to profess a new faith in Christ through the North Carolina meeting which later became known as the Burlington Revival.

Quick to give all credit to God, Townsend stated, “That meeting gave the people of God hope! It made a lot of church people across this country stand up and take notice — people realized, ‘Hey, God can still move in this day. He can still send revival for people who get hungry, humble and pray.”

PHOTO: Burlington, North Carolina, Revival, CT Townsend
PHOTO: Burlington, North Carolina, Revival, CT Townsend

In the days following the Burlington Revival, Townsend’s ministry was approached by pastors in the greater-Bristol area who desired to see a similar meeting held near the state line of Virginia and Tennessee.

After much prayer and planning, a site was selected, and the Bristol Revival is now only a matter of days away.

“Having the revival underneath the giant white cross alongside Interstate 81 will make it easy for people to find and remind us why we’re meeting – not to celebrate any preacher or church, but to make much of the Cross of Christ as well as the Christ of the cross,” said Townsend.

To put into perspective just how large this meeting is expected to be, CT Townsend Evangelistic Ministries said that over 300 individuals and volunteers assisted in putting up the tent this past Saturday.

The meeting is initially scheduled to be held Monday through Friday, for two weeks, on the dates of May 21-25 for the first week and May 28 – June 1 for the second week. Each nightly meeting is slated to begin at 7 p.m.

Friday, June 1, will be designated as Youth Night drawing crowds from all over the American Southeast.

The tent is located underneath the large white cross at 11101 Island Rd. in Bristol, Virginia.

Individuals wishing to learn more about this ministry are encouraged to visit or

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