“UFOs” Spotted in Appalachia This Week



It’s been more than thirty years since the small Appalachian town of Wytheville, Virginia, received national attention after the local sheriff told the public that four of his deputies had witnessed a UFO.

In the days that followed, countless members of the public came forward stating that they too had witnessed strange lights and objects in the Southwest Virginia sky. Among those who say they spotted these unexplainable activities was the local radio station’s news director.

Eventually the town would be featured on Robert Stack’s Unsolved Mysteries and then, just as suddenly as all of the UFO talk began, it ceased, until it became just an embarrassing distant memory of an otherwise proud town.

Fast-forward to July 2018, however, and not just Wythe County, but residents in nearly all of the Appalachian region surrounding Southwest Virginia are once again talking about unexplainable or identifiable flying objects in the nighttime sky.

One person, who wished to remain anonymous, reported spotting a silver “drone-looking aircraft” flying east to west in Rural Retreat, Va., shortly before dusk on the evening of Friday, July 20, 2018.

“It looked like could have been a drone, but had to have been much larger in size and was moving considerably faster than drones fly.  It wasn’t landing at the airport, but was flying through that same valley,” said the person who spotted the craft.

Elsewhere in the region during this same weekend, individuals from Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky spotted seeing similar objects, as well as what appeared to be military aircraft performing unusual activities such as low level flying and aircrafts doing vertical take off and landings.

Scannerfood is reporting, “High intensity military aircraft training… have been conducted from Central Kentucky into the Appalachians” this week.

These reports have been seconded by residents in Glade Springs, Va., who posted on Facebook that Monday night, July 24, military jets circled the community for the space of about thirty minutes flying at slower speed and low level altitudes.

From all of these reports combined, it doesn’t appear that residents of the region should be expecting to see ET anytime soon; however, it may seem that the United States military is busy at work training in the Appalachian Mountains.

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