Your Autumn Obsession is Normal… And It’s Almost Fall!

Fall Leaves.  Photo courtesy of Jean-Pol GRANDMONT.
Fall Leaves.
Photo courtesy of Jean-Pol GRANDMONT.

Summer has been great, we’ve gone swimming, enjoyed campfires, lived carelessly in the late-evening twilight, and even vacationed… but those days are numbered and the green leaves of an Appalachian summer are one by one giving way to a multitude of colors — colors that will soon create a majestic mountain canvas folks will travel from far and wide to see.

The scorching days of summer are on their way out and soon the smell of sunscreen will be replaced by the soothing aroma of pumpkin spice lattes and the dizzying array of garden harvests. Cozy sweaters and scarves will take the place of shorts and America’s favorite season of the year will be in full swing.

It’s time!  It’s that hayride, pumpkin carving, leaves ah changing, football cheering, garden harvesting, sweater wearing, frosty morning, community festival, hunting, hiking, heartwarming season again!

Soon, the muggy humidity of each morning will succumb to the chills of an early fall and all will again be right in the world…  It’s [almost] fall y’all!

I’m not sure why, but dating all the way back to my childhood, autumn has always been my favorite season of the year and though I’m a writer, I want for words to adequately describe why this is — truthfully, I don’t even know why I love the season wedged like a bridge between summer and winter so very much, but I do.

I love the bright colors, the excitement, the fashion and even the cold that comes with fall!  Though my friends often laugh at my autumn obsession, the truth is this: I’m not alone.  Fall is America’s favorite holiday and according to some scientists, we as humans have been hardwired to find comfort in all things relating to autumn.

Here in the mountains, autumn means that the time for planting has long since passed and scientists say that the conclusion of the harvest season, shortening of days and cooling of temperatures all serve as nature’s subconscious signal that it is time for our bodies to enter a new season of rest and rejuvenation.

Perhaps this is why I love fall, or maybe it’s because I have always enjoyed the colorful array of the Appalachian mountainsides, college football season, back to school time, voting in local elections, and pumpkins?

But whatever the reason, it’s nice to know that when the clock strikes 3:50 a.m. on Monday September 23, and the September Equinox occurs, I won’t be the only person thrilled for what’s in store — Fall is America’s favorite season and it’s my favorite season!

I’m not crazy, I just love fall.

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