Wythe Co. Issues Emergency Burn Ban: “Seriously Dry Weather”

Courtesy: Fir0002
Courtesy: Fir0002

Wythe County has issued a Local Emergency – Burn Ban amid seriously dry weather conditions to protect residents and first responders.

“It is the duty of Wythe County Emergency Services to protect the health and safety of the citizens and property within Wythe County,” Wythe County Emergency Services Coordinator Curtis Crawford said, adding, “This ban is just another step in accomplishing that goal.”

Wythe County issued the burn ban on Tuesday morning and it will last until the unfavorable conditions change in the area.

“Wythe County believes that due to a lack of rain and the elevated safety risk to first responders, that this is a precautionary ban to protect everyone,” Crawford said.

Several departments came together to work on this declaration. The Wythe County Director of Emergency Management, in consultation with the local fire chiefs, Local Emergency Management Coordinator, and Wythe County Sheriff’s Department, declared a Local Emergency on September 24, 2019 at 10 a.m. enacting a burning ban.

Crawford said this is all due to abnormally dry conditions, a high fire fuel load (i.e. dry ground and vegetation), and an elevated safety risk to first responders in Wythe County.

This resolution states that any individual or party found acting without regard to this resolution, in unlawfully burning before 4 p.m., burning without proper supervision, burning that is unattended within 150 feet of woodland, brushland, or fields containing dry grass, or burning without due regard of environmental conditions, will be fined in the amount of $250.00, to be enforced by the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office, as well as damages and other fines that may be occurred by other infractions by Wythe County or other enforcement agencies.

This Local Emergency-Burn Ban will be in effect until the unfavorable conditions in Wythe County change. The public will be notified upon the lifting of the Local Emergency/Burn Ban.

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