Don’t Be Fooled: The Broom Trick is Just That… A Trick!

Photo: Broom standing on end, courtesy of WikiCommons
Photo: Broom standing on end, courtesy of WikiCommons

We are truly living in bizarre times and nothing proves this to be true any more than social media.  One month our Facebook timelines are inundated with people having buckets of ice water tossed on them from rooftops and then without warning these videos were replaced by coded messages intent upon raising awareness about breast cancer.  Let’s not even talk about the morons who made a habit of jumping from their vehicles on busy roadways to dance to “Kiki, do you love me?”

Not too long ago, photos of a screaming woman and an arrogant cat were all the rage and tonight, brooms standing in kitchens all across the nation are being shown, supposedly thanks to the “miracles of science”.

The posts are linked to a supposed statement which alleges, “NASA said the Earth is at the perfect tilt right now that your broom will stand up on its own…”

Apparently, this simple statement and post was all it took for the world of social media to go cray-cray in trying this out and soon images of brooms standing upright became the norm for an evening in the life of middle class America.

Unfortunately, there’s just one small problem: NASA never said this and the truth is that the tilt of the earth, some special planetary alignment or any other supernatural explanation has no affect upon the ability of a broom to stand on its own.

One only needs to take a flat-bottomed broom (it can be angled or straight—with relatively stiff bristles) and stand it up so that the bottom is flat on the floor. Not all brooms will stand upright due to weight balances, soft bristles, etc.; however, many will… and they’ll stand on their own tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day… you get the picture!

Forgive us for being Debbie Downers, party poopers or killjoys — and don’t get us wrong, it’s a great trick, but it’s just that, a trick.  It is a variation of a similar urban legend that was passed around decades ago about eggs being able to stand on the first day of spring and fall.

It would be impossible to pinpoint when this latest legend about brooms was first birthed, but according to our research it has been going around for years and undoubtedly will continue.

Still, enjoy the night — and feel free to stand a broom up… it is a pretty cool thing to do!

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