BREAKING: Wythe County Declares State of Emergency



WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Wythe County has declared a state of emergency in response to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

While Wythe County, at this time, does not have a recorded positive case of COVID-19, officials understand the risk and severity of this situation and will continue to implement plans and provide information for its citizens to help reduce the exposure and hopefully lessen the impact on the community.

To better protect citizens, and to be able to properly utilize resources from the state and federal government for Wythe County, officials have declared a state of emergency in Wythe County.

“Wythe County is asking citizens to help in the reduction of possible exposures and follow the guidance set forth by the state and federal governments,” Emergency Services Coordinator Curtis Crawford said.

“Citizens looking for information can visit or our Facebook Pages Ready Wythe County and Wythe County VA.”

Wythe County is declaring a State of Emergency as of today. This declaration will help streamline decisions to keep our citizens safe and quicken our response. Wythe County can also request resources quicker from the State and Federal government by declaring. This declaration also lets our citizens know the seriousness of this emergency and helps us inform our county about exposure reduction.

The Governor of Virginia ordered yesterday in a declaration that all restaurants, fitness centers, and theatres are mandated to significantly reduce seating capacity to 10 patrons or less; he encouraged businesses to continue carry-out and pickup options. This also comes with a regulatory component and could be a misdemeanor if not followed. This does not apply to Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Manufacturing.

Both the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia have declared a State of Emergency in order to protect their citizens, to broadcast more information, and to move the proper resources to the affected areas.

Wythe County is taking the proper precautions by keeping communication open with all our local partners and implementing plans to reduce potential exposures to the coronavirus.

The Wythe County Administration building is operating as normal, but officials are asking citizens to help limit potential exposure. For example, when paying utility bills, we would request that you please telephone and pay via credit card, mail your payment, or use the overnight deposits box located next to the County Administration entrance. Citizens wishing to make water payments via telephone should call 276-223-4501.

If you plan to meet with someone, check to see if you might have a phone conversation or share information over email or video chat in place of meeting them in person.

COVID-19 has been declared a world pandemic, and is novel disease that has resulted in death to our most vulnerable populations such as the elderly and immune depressed.

For reliable information about COVID-19 please visit the following websites: Virginia Department of Health

Center of Disease Control:

Virginia Department of Emergency Management:

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