In December 2013, West Virginia native Jeremy T.K. Farley launched a blog sharing the many stories he had heard his grandparents recount of life in the coal mining towns of Mingo County. Within three months of the site’s original launch, more than 3,000 people had subscribed to receive updates from the online publication and within a matter of days, Appalachian Magazine was born.

Initially, just a blog he and his wife updated on a weekly basis, Appalachian Magazine has grown into one of the region’s premier culture, history and travel publications, showcasing the Appalachian region’s rich heritage, as well as the many businesses committed to moving the economy forward.

Today, Appalachian Magazine has over 156,000 Facebook fans and a weekly reach that approaches a half-million individuals.

Our Mission & Passion
Being a native of Appalachia (Appa-LATCH-uh), Jeremy has a passion for the mountains, its people and history. This passion is felt in every article published on the website or printed in the bi-annual hardcopy edition of the magazine.

“The purpose of Appalachian Magazine is to showcase the tourism opportunities, rich history and timeless lifestyle of the greater-Appalachian region, while at the same time, providing a platform for frank and honest dialogue regarding the areas where improvement is needed.”

The number of writers featured in both the online and print publication is ever growing and as the publication moves into the next phase of its existence, we remain committed to fulfilling our mission statement.

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