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We take great pride in our work and are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the biggest bang for their buck. Over the course of our existence, we have perfected two strategies that guarantee our client’s needs are met: Featured Content & Banner Ads.

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Featured Content

FeaturedWhat It Is — You pay us to feature your business, destination or event in an online article and we will do just that — sharing the piece with your target geographic audience. Rather than pay for a boring ad that no one cares about, market your business through interesting articles that people actually want to read and even share with their friends!

Who Uses It — Success stories include Virginia & North Carolina’s US 21 Road Market event, which garnered +311,000 views from the article and propelled what was initially a local event into a regional tourism spectacle.

This option is ideal for tourism destinations such as inns and entire communities.



$400 —- ONE EACH QUARTER (4 Articles Each Year)

$1,000 — ONE YEAR (12 Articles: One Each Month)

For more information, contact: themountainwriter [-at-]

 Specs & Guarantees

Length: Between 400-700 words

Views: No fewer than  10,000; typically more than 15,000; potential +300,000

Includes: Backlink to the website of your choice.  Client will sign-off on article prior to publishing.


Good Neighbor

Due to the fact that the content of your ad will be featured as an article, Appalachian Magazine will work with businesses to honestly determine if this is a good option for them, as well as for us.

You’ll find that we’re very honest and if we feel that this will not be a wise option, we’ll be the first to tell you… We want return customers!

Banner Advertising


  • We can either prepare / design a banner ad for you (at no additional cost) or use one you may already have, providing a clickable link to your website at competitive pricing.
  • Mobile and desktop compatible.
  • 300×250 Pixel Size Ad


$175 — 50,000 Impressions ($3.50 CPM)

$300 — 100,000 Impressions ($3.00 CPM)

For more information, contact themountainwriter [-at-]